Inauguration of Great Women during the war 1939-1945

| March 2, 2019

Friday, March 1st, 2019, the Juno Beach Centre inaugurated the temporary exhibition “Great Women During the War 1939-1945” in the presence of Mrs. Geneviève DARRIEUSSECQ, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Armed Forces; Mrs. Isabelle HUDON, Ambassador of Canada; Elizabeth STUART, Assistant Deputy Minister, Department of Veterans Affairs Canada.

We also did the honor of their presence Mr Frédéric POUILLE, Mayor of Courseulles-sur-Mer and regional advisor; Mr Laurent FISCUS, Prefet du Calvados; Mrs Camille GOYET, Sous-Préfete du Calvados; Mrs Corinne FERET, Senator of Calvados; Mrs Sonia de la PROVOTE, Senator Calvados; Mr Pascal ALLIZARD, Senator of Calvados; Mr Bertrand BOUYX, deputy of Calvados; Mr Cédric NOUVELOT, Departmental Advisor; Mr Patrick NICOLLE, City councilor of Caen; Mr Franck JOUY, President of Cœur de Nacre; Mrs Anne-Marie PHILIPPEAUX, Deputy Mayor of Courseulles ; Mr Franck LECONTE, director of l’ONACVG Calvados; Mr Thierry NOULENS, Military delegate of the Defense of Calvados; Mr John DESROSIERS, Director of European Operations AC Canada; Mrs Christa Oppers-Beumer, former Defense Attaché of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Canada and Mr Peer OPPERS; Capitaine Daniel GRANOTIER for Régiment de la Chaudière; Mr Michel LEBARON President of Comité Juno Canada Normandie ; Mrs Elisabeth OLIVE, Representative of the Departmental Archives of Calvados; Mrs Marine VIEL Archiviste, Archives Service Urban Community Caen La Mer; Mr Jesse ALEXANDER, Researcher for the exhibition; Mrs Beverly TOSH, artist-painter.

For the 75th anniversary, the Juno Beach Centre is proud of its partnership with the Canadian War Museum represented at the inauguration by Mr. James FLECK, President of the Board of the Ottawa Museum, Mrs. Mélanie MORIN-PELETTIER, Historian, War and Society, and Jim WHITHAM, Acting Director General. They collaborated for this exhibition with Marie Eve VAILLANCOURT, Exhibition and Development Manager of the Juno Beach Centre Association in Canada.

We also thank for their presence the tourist actors, the representatives of the families of 2 women whose story is told in the exhibition, the friends of the Juno Beach Centre to have been with us during this inauguration.

“The temporary exhibition “Great Women during the War 1939-1945″ confirms the vocation and expertise of the Juno Beach Centre to act as a transmission belt between history, memory and today’s society on the landing beaches in Normandy.” Nathalie Worthington, Director of the Juno Beach Centre.

“The role of women in all global conflicts deserves to be highlighted.” Mrs. Geneviève DARRIEUSSECQ, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Armed Forces.

“Let us remember their unknown contributions, yet consistent with the war effort and their immense courage.” Mrs. Isabelle HUDON, Ambassador of Canada.

“I am very proud of the role played by women in the military effort. This exhibition is exceptional!” Elizabeth STUART, Assistant Deputy Minister, Department of Veterans Affairs Canada.


Visitors to the Juno Beach Centre can discover this exhibition at the Juno Beach Centre until December 31, 2020.


Crédits photos : CJB – Ph.Delval

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