Halloween investigation

| October 31, 2019

On the evening of October 31, 2019, spooky fairytale characters escaped to the Juno Beach Centre.

70 investigators joined the staff of the museum to catch them and lock them back into an old magic spellbook.

After asking for several clues and posing several questions to the Scarecrow, Jack’O Lantern, the noble women, the beautiful witch and the lumberjack; the children found the magic formula to return the characters forever in the old magic spellbook for good.

Happy ending: all the children left the museum with candies for helping the museum staff.

Thank you to Juno Beach Centre staff and volunteers for being a part of this event. Thanks to Anne of Petits Meurtres Entre Amis for organizing this special Halloween investigation!

Happy Halloween to all and see you next year for new adventures!

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