Halloween at the JBC

| November 1, 2014

The Juno Beach Centre celebrated Halloween like in Canada! Nearly 300 children in Halloween costumes and their families came to hunt pumpkins in Juno Park, guess the number of candies in the witches’ cauldron and pose for pictures in front a Halloween photo booth! Many of the children in attendance also participated in the activities offered by the Municipal Cultural Centre of Courseulles, including getting made-up for Halloween and a spooky snack. A successful day of activities to give a Canadian cultural aspect to our everyday activity of Second World War commemoration and education.

Congratulations are in order for Emma R. (in grade 5 equivalent) and to Julie B. (in grade 6 equivalent) who won the contents of the candy cauldron. This year, we have 2 winners because they guessed, respectively, 556 and 558 candies for a total of 557 in the cauldron. For Emma and her brother Bixente, they regularly celebrate Halloween as their family has a vacation home here in Courseulles and they come during school holidays to participate in the cultural activities proposed by the Juno Beach Centre. As recently as last week, they came to visit the temporary exhibit “Grandma, what was it like during the war?”. For Julie, visiting Mr Dominic Demota, professional fisherman and resident of Courseulles, she was thrilled to discover the Juno Beach Centre during the Halloween activities. Her family history is closely linked to that of Courseulles’ Second World War history as Mr Demota father’s company was in charge with Canadian veteran Léo Gariépy of dredging up the ‘”Bold” tank out of the port in 1970, tank used by the Canadian during the D-Day landings.

Thank to both families for their participation and to all families who came from near or far to make this Halloween afternoon at the Juno Beach Centre a great success!

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