Garth Webb’s family at the Juno Beach Centre

Peter and Andy Webb, sons of Garth Webb, founder of the Juno Beach Centre, came to spend a few days in Courseulles and visit the Juno Beach Centre with their wives. Since their last visit for the opening in 2003, they found important changes. We are pleased to share their impressions and we thank them for their visit and the good time spent together remembering and knowing more about Garth.

My recent visit to the Juno Beach Centre makes me feel what it was like during the Second World War for Canadians at home and at war and what it means to be a Canadian today! Peter Webb

The films at Juno Beach Centre are so realistic, I felt like I was right there with the soldiers. Pat Allan

If you, like me, are a Canadian ‘Baby Boomer’ you know what our parents generation did for us……Now it’s payback time, get your family to the Juno Beach Centre, you will never regret it! Andy Webb

I came to the Juno Beach Centre thinking I knew what happened during D-Day but here the story of what it meant to live, serve and sacrifice in Normandy of 1944 came alive. Thank you to the Juno Beach Centre for helping me to understand why it matters in the the world today. Ruth Hall

Garth Webb sponsored a commemorative brick to each of his grand children. We hope we will welcome them all at the Juno Beach Centre one day to share the pride of this place and its founder…

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