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educator_schoolGroupThanks to the interactive and dynamic exhibit spaces designed for all ages, the Juno Beach Centre is an ideal location to help teach your students about the D-Day landings and the Battle of Normandy by taking a close look at the role played by the Canadians.

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A unique and not to be missed youth circuit “Explore Juno ”

In the permanent exhibit, interactive modules will enable primary and secondary school groups and their teachers to discover the museum including themes such as democracy, daily life of children and Canadian families and soldiers and nurses during the war. These themes encourage reflection on the world today and remembrance. Across the different exhibit rooms, thanks to a quiz (two versions: primary and secondary) students are invited to learn about the role that may have been theirs during the Second World War, and to reflect on universal historical concepts tied to themes of immigration, total war or political dictators.

Length: 1h15

“With Explore Juno, I discovered what it was like for youth my age
during the war. It made me think.” Thomas, 11 years old.

“A passionate visit led by a dynamic and engaging team. The children were thrilled and left with a better understanding of the importance of peace among different people.” F. Culleron, teacher Graye-sur-Mer.

Relevance with primary school curricula
• Cultivate an attitude of curiosity for other countries of the world.
• Take the floor, question to understand better.
• Violence of the 20th century: the two world conflicts.
• An interdisciplinary and open approach to the memories of other countries, link with the Second World War and the development of the European idea.

Relevance with secondary school curricula
• Critical thinking and questioning of primary source images (representation of the present and past).
• Understanding the historical significance of the 20th century and our time.
• The causes and consequences of the violence of the 20th century.
• An interdisciplinary and inquiry-based, open approach to the memories of other countries, link with the Second World War and the development of the European idea.



Guided Park visit by a Canadian Guide

A guided visit with a bilingual Canadian guide.
Discover the story of the D-Day landings as you walk on the beach along the remains of the Atlantic Wall. The visit includes the bunkers in front of the Juno Beach Centre and the tunnels leading to a German command post on site in 1944.

Adapted contents for primary and secondary

Length: 45mn