brick_program_5Since the Juno Beach Centre opened its doors in June 2003, the contribution of Canadians in the Second World War, and particularly of those who landed on Juno beach on June 6, 1944, is being recognized in Normandy.

Our ‘Commemorative Brick Program’ was developed to honour the sacrifices made by Canadian service men & women and to help fund the privately run, non-profit museum which commemorates their accomplishments.

brick_program_6In recent years, more and more schools have decided to purchase bricks to commemorate their local heroes who died in action. Such an initiative not only ensures that these men and women will always be remembered at the Juno Beach Centre, but also helps to raise student awareness of Canada’s role in the conflicts of the 20th Century, and in particular, its role in the Second World War.

Sponsor a Commemorative Brick > Support the Juno Beach Centre by fundraising within your school or classroom to sponsor a Commemorative Brick in the name of a Veteran or your school!

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To learn more about possible education and fundraising projects, please contact the Program Manager.