Exploring Juno: A Day in the Life #4

| November 18, 2016

Over the next three weeks, we’ll be posting updates on this blog that provide insight into what it’s like to work at the JBC and to live in Courseulles-Sur-Mer. Check up on it every Wednesday and Friday until November 25th!

Living in Courseulles-Sur-Mer means that, if you want,  you get to run along Juno Beach, and bike in the fields of Normandy on a daily basis. Every time I go for a run or a bike ride here, I know that I am running on sacred ground, or biking through a field that was the scene of a terrible battle. It adds an importance and a depth to where you are that is hard to describe. Working as a guide on Juno Beach, your understanding of the Battle of Normandy becomes extremely thorough, you can tell people exactly how and where these events occured. It is an incredible thing to read about the battle for a certain village or town, and then to find yourself biking through that village or town on your weekly bike ride!

There is so much history here that every new route, every slight deviation in a morning run, brings you on to another piece of Canadian history.

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