Excavating the Tobruk


During the filming of an episode of the Canadian series War Junk in June 2015, a German machine gun emplacement or Tobruk was discovered. The first excavations of this new site took place this weekend. A dozen volunteers took part in this endeavour carried out by the Juno Beach Centre and the Association des Amis du Centre Juno Beach with the authorization of the town of Courseulles-sur-Mer.


The objective of this work site was to remove the sand around and inside the Tobruk in order to determine its size and volume, to evaluate its strength and the potential of rehabilitation of this remain of the Atlantic Wall on Juno Park.

Stp Courseulles_archiv_011Based on this reconnaissance, a study will then be carried out in collaboration with the town of Courseulles in order to evaluate the budget for the enhancement of the Tobruk (possible restoration and security works as well as landscaping) and to make decisions about an action plan.


On this area of Juno Beach (Stützpunkt 31 – Strong point 31 West of the habour),  the dunes have swallowed up and preserved remains of the Atlantic Wall  and others bunkers have already been rehabilitated such as the observation post (2009) and the command post with its covered trench (2014).

News report from France3:

bunker juno beach


courseullesAs the works were under way, the volunteers started to make tests to find another structure situated some ten meters from the Tobruk and found a shelter, which along with the Tobruk had been identified on post Second World War photos but had since disappeared under the sand. A few shovels of sands made it possible to reveal the entrance to this structure which could measure up to 8 meters.

In order to secure the site, the Tobruk and the shelter were closed again after the volunteers removed approximately ten tons of sand.


We need your help to see these structures fully excavated and opened to the public! Support the Juno Beach Centre efforts by making a donation to the Atlantic Wall fund.

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