Others ways to commemorate VEDAY75

April 3 - May 20, 2020

JBC events cancelled or postponed
Due to the closure of the Juno Beach Centre as part of the COVID-19 outbreak
response plan, all events planned at the Juno Beach Centre in May 2020 are
cancelled or postponed to a later date. The status of our June events will be
assessed as soon as official information allows a decision to be made.

Welcome to join us to commemorate V-E Day 75 on our social networks!
The Juno Beach Centre is preparing virtual commemorative efforts to mark May 8,
1945, the end of the Second World War in Europe.

Already online:
Maple Leaves & Tulips temporary exhibition

What we are preparing:
– A social media call-out asking you to send photos or videos featuring some
piece of the Second World War with meaning to you or your family.
– / landing pages featuring contents and our major
projects and partners for the anniversary.
– A new Legacy of Honour video featuring Norm Kirby, poster boy for VAC’s remembrance campaign.
– Launching in mid-April: Defining Moments Canada’s story maps and
educational resources featuring stories of resilience
Podcasts marking the end of the Second World War: an interview with a
liberator, the Battle of the Atlantic…
– Commemorative badges available for purchase to be shared on social media
as a symbol of remembrance. To be confirmed.

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