Why the code name Juno Beach?

| September 25, 2017

Juno was almost called “Jellyfish”

While Bradley chose the code names for the American beaches, Montgomery proposed fish names for the British beaches: Goldfish and Swordfish, which became Gold and Sword, but for the Canadian beach, he had the strange idea of calling it Jellyfish, which would have become Jelly!

Canadian Wing Commander Dawnay then made a counter-proposal: Juno, his wife’s first name. After verification by the cipher services, this code name was accepted by the SHAEF. Churchill reminded his staff to be very careful not to choose “names that are not suitable for operations in which a very large number of men could lose their lives” and which, of course, do not betray the nature of the operation. And the Prime Minister to conclude: “an effective and successful government is evident in small and large things”.

Source: “Le débarquement pour les nuls” by Claude Quétel – Ed. First – 2014


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