Dieppe Memorial Service in Hamilton, Ontario

The Juno Beach Centre Association was honoured to be invited to the Dieppe memorial service in Hamilton, Ontario yesterday. In attendance were the last three remaining Dieppe veterans from the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, Jack McFarland, 94, Ken Curry, 93, and Fred Englebrecht, 95. All three men were taken prisoner and held in German POW camps during the war.

The day was made even more special for Curry as he was presented with the French Legion of Honour medal. His wife Norma, 92, a former Women’s Auxiliary Force Member, and daughter also were in attendance from Victoria, British Columbia.

Englebrecht asked to say a few words at the close of the ceremony, thanking everyone who came out to honour the veterans. He said their attendance and respect made him “feel like a young man again”.

Lest we forget.

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