Flags for Bény

| November 12, 2019

Amanda has arranged for flags dedicated by Canadian students (Ottawa) to be brought to Beny-sur-Mer cemetery. A visit to Juno in 2016 inspired her and has made her a dedicated supporter of our efforts. She was also instrumental to seeing a bridge dedicated as the Juno Beach Memorial Bridge in Ottawa on November 8, 2019.

Amanda Purdy first visited Normandy and the Juno Beach Centre in 2016; she and her family were incredibly moved by the experience. Her two daughters, Coral and Jade, wanted to name their family dog Juno so that each time someone asks what our dog’s name is – we can say “Juno, after the beach in Normandy” and they can tell people about their experience. Amanda is now studying to receive her Bachelor in Commerce in addition to volunteering her time to raise awareness about the Juno Beach Centre.

“My efforts are about bringing about awareness for our youth even our young children.  The importance of wearing a poppy and encouraging students to learn more about this historical event in history is important and a part of history that must never be forgotten .  A visit to the JBC changed my life and that of my two young daughters.  The increased knowledge and awareness I now have for what our veterans did and continue to do is something I plan to dedicate my life to sharing.  I can only hope one day my efforts encourage every Canadian that have the opportunity to visit France makes the trip to Normandy and the JBC.”

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