Farewell to the director of the Gilbert Boulanger School in Courseulles

| July 5, 2016

In 2010, Courseulles’s primary school was named after Gilbert Boulanger after a year of correspondence between this Quebecois veteran and local pupils regarding the Second World War, but more importantly, the theme of peace.

This subject was particularly dear to this thoughtful old man who had fought in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War and used to say “We won the war but we have not won Peace yet”.

This theme is also dear to Isabelle Roos who initiated renaming the school in the name of a Canadian veteran. Today, after 9 years as the principal of the primary school of Courseulles, Isabelle Roos is leaving her position to become the director of PEP 14.

The Juno Beach Centre wishes to thank Isabelle for a long and enriching partnership that has enabled hundreds of young children from Courseulles to discover the Canadian museum and to broaden their horizons. The maple tree planted in 2011 by the children of the schools of Courseulles in memory of Gilbert Boulanger will remain the symbol that links the school to the museum; the veteran and the children; Normandy, the land of Gilbert Boulanger’s ancestors, and Canada.


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