New artefacts in the museum

| May 19, 2021

This past spring, the museum was fortunate to receive new artifact donations received from Canada which have now been installed. Explore their history below:


These parachutist boots belonged to Lieutenant J.C. Webb, a Canadian who enlisted with the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals in July 1942. He volunteered for parachute training and learned to jump out of aircraft at Shilo, Manitoba. He never fought overseas. James Webb passed away on June 20, 2004.

These boots are American style. They were very effective at protecting the ankle and lower leg, unlike the standard army boot used by other Commonwealth parachuting forces. Many Canadian paratroopers wore these boots on D-Day and during airborne operations in Europe. These boots were donated from Canada.

This authentic poster that welcomed Canadian veterans on their return home arrived from Canada.

This sweatshirt on display belonged to Royal Winnipeg Rifles soldier Ernest Arthur Hinitt, and was donated to the Juno Beach Centre by his son, John Edward Hinitt. John was born and raised in England where he learned at the age of 11 that his father was a Canadian soldier. This sweatshirt was among a few personal items left by his father when he left England.

Royal Winnipeg Rifles veteran Jim Parks said the “Little Black Devils” sweatshirt was a casual piece of clothing that many soldiers loved. Worn to go for coffee, meet friends or play sports such as football or volleyball, these military sweatshirts could be bought in the canteen or in the sports store.


This Second World War Canadian beret bearing the chaplain badge was donated to the museum by Reverend Tom Wilson.


This German Mauser Rifle was found in Bréel, a small village in Suisse Normande. It belonged to a German grenadier killed during the Battle of the Falaise Pocket. It was donated to the museum by Bernard Dupont.

This Canadian bicycle is a Folding Airborne bicycle, a very emblematic object of the Canadian landing on June 6, 1944. It was offered to the Juno Beach Centre on Christmas Eve 2020 by Marie-Claude Halot and Joëlle Letellier. This Canadian bike belonged to their father Christian Costil, who passed away in November 2020. The bike arrived at the museum, according to Christian’s wishes, with its history.

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