Creating a Memorial with Replica Bricks

| December 12, 2016

Outside the Juno Beach Centre stand 16 concrete kiosks, each containing over 500 titanium bricks dedicated to the memory of Canadian veterans. Many of these bricks have been replicated in Canadian maple, and sent to our donors.

The staff and students of William Derby School, in Strasbourg, Saskatchewan, decided to use these replica bricks to create a memorial their own to all of the local veterans who were killed in action during the First and Second World Wars. The project was started in 2007 after teacher Larry Mikulcik returned from our annual Professional Development Tour on the battlefields of France. Together with the staff and 250 students at the school, they reached out to their local Royal Canadian Legion, Branch No. 33, and set out to commemorate the 23 Second World War men memorialized on cenotaphs in the communities of Govan, Strasbourg, and Bulyea.

They held fundraisers to raise the money not only for the bricks, but also for the display case at the school. They were able to unveil the Second World War memorial in their school on 10 November 2010. His Honour Gordon Barnhart the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, Member of Parliament Tom Lukiwski, Mayor Carol Schultz, Silton Legion #33 president Linda Glass, and Principal Kevin Garinger all took part in the unveiling.

The school and community continued to raise money, as there were another 70 local men killed in the Great War. After a great deal of hard work, they unveiled the full memorial on 10 November 2016. At the ceremony were Lieutenant Governor Vaughn Solomon, MLA Glen Hart, Principal Deb Kelln, Legion Pres. Linda Glass, Past Legion Zone Commander Laurie Mohr, Provincial Legion Executive Director Chad Wagner, Horizon board of education member Leslie Lewis and Director of Education Kevin Garinger.  In both cases the ceremony followed a Remembrance program at the school which the entire student body attended.  The unveiling was telecast back to the gym so that the students and the public who were in attendance could see it live.

The Town of Strasbourg also participated in the Juno Beach Centre’s 2014 Canada’s D-Day Tribute Campaign.

We’d like to thank the William Derby School, Legion Branch No. 33, and the entire community in Strasbourg for their continued support of the Juno Beach Centre, and their dedication to preserving the memory of fallen Canadians.

Interested in creating a memorial in your community? Click here to sponsor a Juno Beach Centre Commemorative Brick.

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