Concert by The Highland and Lowland Bands of the Royal Regiment of Scotland

| July 13, 2016

The Juno Beach Centre was pleased to welcome the Highland and Lowland Bands of the Royal Regiment of Scotland which played during an hour on the esplanade of the museum to the joy of the 200 people who attended the concert.

The two orchestras, composed of former soldiers and civilians of the reserve regiment, played ten pieces of music under the direction of Captain Craig Burns of the Highland Band and Colour Sergeant Kieran Forsyth,  conductor of the Highland Band.


The Jaguar
From The Highlands
Colonel Bogey on Parade
Sea Medley
Anything Goes
Shrewsbury Fair
Les Misérables

The finale of the concert and much appreciated by the audience was Scotland the Brave, regimental hymn of the Royal Regiment of Scotland and known in France as the Canadian Barn Dance. What a coincidence!

Colonel Piers Strudwick, commanding officer of 7 Scots, was present and concluded the concert by thanking the Juno Beach Centre and by “paying homage to the men who on this beach 72 years ago showed great feats of courage and sacrifice in order to liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny – our thoughts are with them today”.

The public showed their gratitude by their applause and thanked the musicians for having given their time freely at the JBC. The bands are staying 7 days in Normandy and their objective is to play at several of the most prestigious sites on the landing coast. On 12th July, the band played at Brucourt in the British airborne sector and on 14th July at the Memorial Pegasus at Ranville.

After the concert, the 28 musicians, their colonel and director of Music followed a tour of the Juno Park with museum guide Luc before visiting the centre.

Thank you for this beautiful concert!


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