Maxime Bouché & Nathalie Worthington


Composting: an easy action that is much more useful than it may seem!

Since 2019, the Juno Beach Centre (JBC) has developed and implemented an ambitious sustainable development plan based on its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) balance sheet. Our ultimate goal is to transition to a low or zero carbon operating model.

In the list of actions to reduce GHG emissions related to waste, a composter was installed at the museum.

The objective is to reduce the overall combined weight of the museum’s trash and to give employees’ biological waste a second life by reusing it as garden fertilizer, thus promoting a circular economy. In 2021, we will be organizing the JBC’s practices so that the composter can also accommodate visitors’ organic waste.

Laurent Mirey, the JBC’s technical manager, built the composter himself by reusing materials destined to end their lives in the landfill or recycling centre:

  • Pallet wood for the composter frame
  • Previously used screws and other hardware
  • A base built from used (and cleaned) paint cans

In what may seem like a simple composting tactic the JBC is actually succeeding in combining several sustainable development actions such as waste limitation, recycling and the reuse of materials that are now integrated into the daily operations of the museum and contribute to our sustainable development approach.

Our adoption of composting modestly but surely contributes to many of the Sustainable Development Goals championed by France, Canada and the broader United Nations! It takes not only sweeping transformation but also consistently executed smaller actions to make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Each of us, individually, institutionally and in industry can do the same very simply and contribute to the efforts towards making our world more sustainable.

Do not hesitate to ask us your questions and share your comments by contacting us directly by email or by phone at the Juno Beach Centre. We will be delighted to be able to discuss this with you.