Atlantic Wall Vestige

| July 29, 2019

On Sunday, July 28, with the help of a dozen volunteers, the Juno Beach Centre organized an excavation and survey of a shelter located on Juno Park in front of the museum. With the support of the town of Courseulles-sur-Mer and the DRAC, volunteers spent the entire day working to uncover this Atlantic Wall vestige.

By the end of the day, the sand that had filled the inside of the shelter was largely removed. No artefacts dating from the Second World War were found at this time. Traces left over the years, including glass bottles, a shovel, a child’s sandal, a barbecue grill and remnants of the former camp site, were identified.

This excavation work will lead to updated knowledge about the organization of German defenses in the area. Volunteers found the form of the shelter particularly intriguing, leading to further questions about the purpose of this vestige, which now form the basis for future research.  

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