Acadian ceremony

| August 11, 2020

The Juno Beach Centre had the honor of organizing its annual ceremony in homage to Acadian soldiers as part of Acadian Week. The ceremony paid tribute to the men and women who served and participated during the summer of 1944. The JBC is a partner for Acadian Week, an occasion that sees a blend of commemoration and festive celebration.

Amélie, an Acadian guide from Moncton, New Brunswick, was the MC for the ceremony:

“One thing we don’t often associate with the Acadians is the Second World War. A few months ago, reading testimonies, I learned that when they returned from the war, Acadians did not receive the same treatment as the others. Instead of recognition, rumors circulated that during the war, the Acadians only spent time in bars and remained hidden instead of serving. Reading this, I got a lump in my throat. I thought of my grandfather who fought in Groningen in the Netherlands to liberate this city from Nazi occupation. I thought about the atrocities that all these Acadians saw, and the fact that many of them were younger than I am today. It was a time when young people had to become men overnight. But today, I realize that it is not entirely true that the Acadians were not recognized. I realize we just haven’t looked in the right place.”

Thank you for your presence to Mr. Vincent KLASSEN, Ministre-Conseiller, Embassy of Canada in France; Mr. Jean-Philippe VENNIN, sous-prêfet, secrétaire général de la préfecture; Mrs. Anne-Marie PHILIPPEAUX, Mayor of the city of Courseulles-sur-Mer; elected officials; members of the Franco-Canadian remembrance and friendship association; flag bearers, and guests.

Thank you to Sussie ARVESEN and Terry BRADFORD for their song “Forever”. Thanks also to Monsieur Guilbert for playing the “Last Post”.

Have a good Acadian week everyone!


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