Canada’s D-Day Tribute installation

| June 2, 2014

For the past week, a team of JBC staff and generous volunteers worked 12 hour days to complete the installation of the D-Day Tribute Markers. Everything was expected to go smoothly – grid lines were measured and positions marked, augers had been rented to dig the holes for the metal spikes which would keep the Tribute Markers in the ground, all the necessary materials were close at hand, and the team was more than ready to get working. In fact, things would not go smoothly at all, and the result is a greater achievement for it. The ground happened to be rocky in many places – we believe that there is exploded bunker in this area. This means that many of the metal spikes had to be cut in order to adjust their depth. Also, the machines we rented broke down repeatedly, the weather was not nice at all, and the volunteers – while a tremendous help – could not be available on a regular basis. Nevertheless, the tributes were installed in plenty of time for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day on June 6th. The final result is spectacular. Many people, locals and tourists alike, have spent time among the tributes; taking a moment to remember and reflect on the sacrifices made and to read the stories of the fallen Canadian servicemen. To see how the installation progressed, look through the photos below!

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