Canada in the Second World War

Arms & Weapons

Fairmile Motor Launch

Fairmile Q084, May 1943.

Fairmile Q084, May 1943. Photo by Gilbert A. Milne. Department of National Defence / National Archives of Canada, PA-134191.

The Fairmile is one of the smallest warships used by the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). Her wooden hull measures 34 metres; propelled by two 630hp-gas engines she can reach a speed of 22 knots. The Fairmile is commonly armed with a three-pound (1.36 kg) gun at the fore and machine-guns at the aft, although this may vary. She carries some 20 depth charges.

The RCN uses flotillas of six Fairmiles for anti-submarine patrols in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and along the shores. Fairmiles were also used to supply arms to Greek partisans conducting resistance warfare on islands under German control.