Canada in the Second World War


Samuel F. Wormington

Samuel F. Wormington was born July 19, 1920 in Cranbrook, British-Colombia.

Samuel Wormington’s military career started in January 1942. After training in various places in Canada, he was sent to England for artillery training in 1943. He was attached to the 40th Battery of LAA RCA (Light Anti-Aircraft Royal Canadian Army), 3rd Division. He landed on Juno Beach on June 12, 1944 and participated in the Battle of Normandy with a new gun that fired 120 rounds per minute and served in support at Verrières. He also took part in the campaigns in Belgium, Holland and Germany. Samuel Wormington volunteered to go to Japan but the war ended and saved him the trip. He was discharged in February 1946.

After the war, Sam Wormington built ski resorts both in Canada and the United States. He established and managed ten ski resorts in his lifetime. He volunteered for Search and Rescue using his two Shepards dogs. Over the years, he had many horses, which took an important part in his life. He died in April 2011 in Sandpoint, Idaho.

In 2009, as he was portrayed in the Juno Beach exhibition “Veterans’ Voices”, Samuel Wormington declared:

“I can say that I have spent a lifetime in service, to my country, my community and my family. We need to show upcoming generations where we have been and what was lost in the war. When I hit the beach at Juno, it was there that I was educated for life. My friends were dying around me. Let us remember those who gave their life for our freedom.”