Canada in the Second World War


Georges Isabelle


Georges ISABELLE (GA Isabelle (Small)eorges-Marie)
Born August 9, 1922 at Cap-Chat, Quebec
Died on April 23, 2013
Son of Samuel Isabelle and Marie Lavoie
Married to Marie-Paule Breton on September 2, 1946 (Deceased October 19, 2003) – Companion of Chantal Soucy
Father of Nicole

Norman origins

Paternal: Michel Isabel, son of Jean Isabel and Marie Adam, was born in 1635 in Saint Etienne de Reux, near Pont l’Evêque in the diocese of Lisieux in Normandy. He arrived in Quebec before 1666. He married Marie Jobidon on April 11, 1673 in Chateau Richer, Quebec.


Georges Isabelle went to primary school until grade 6.

C Isabelle (Small)Military Service

Serial number: E-10521
Final rank: Corporal

Georges Isabelle enrolled June 2, 1941 as a private, machine gunner in the Régiment de la Chaudière. He left Canada on July 21, 1941 and arrived in England on July 30, 1941. During his training he followed courses as a stretcher-bearer, a vehicle driver, and a machine gunner. On June 6, 1944 he landed at Bernière-sur-Mer on Juno Beach. He was wounded by a mine explosion near Caen at the end of June 1944. He was wounded a second time at Waterlandkerkje, Holland, on October 17, 1944. The Bren Carier in which he was riding hit a mine, killing his two comrades, Johnny Adams and Paul-Eugene Dugas. Georges Isabelle fought for the liberation of France, Belgium and Holland. He was demobilised in 1946.

D Isabelle (Small)
B Isabelle (Small)Medals and decorations 

1939-1945 Star
France-Germany Star
Defence Medal
Canadian Volunteer Service Medal
War Medal (1939-45)

Before and After the War

Before the war Georges Isabelle was a day labourer at the Richardson wood mill in Cap-Chat. He was also employed as a kitchen worker. After the war he was a cheese maker in the Perreault cheese factory in Levis from 1946 to 1951. He joined the infantry in the 22nd Regiment from 1951 to 1953, and the Military Medical Corp from 1953 to 1973.

In 2007, as he was portrayed in the exhibition “There and Back” at the Juno Beach Centre, Georges Isabelle declared:

 I enrolled to seek adventure. I learned that life hangs by a thread! That the life between comrades allowed one to get through the horrors of war! I brought back with me a portrait of Europe, but of a devastated Europe. A teenager left, a man came back.

E isabelle (Small)

Bernières-sur-Mer, August 10, 2004, Veteran Georges Isabelle near Le Régiment de la Chaudière monument.