Canada in the Second World War


George Lynch-Staunton

George Lynch-Staunton was born on June 1, 1923 in Pincher Creek, Alberta.

Between April 1939 and October 1941, George Lynch-Staunton belonged to the 15th Alberta Light Horse. Between October 1941 and July 1946, he joined the 21st, 14th and 13th Field Regiments. He was wounded on D-Day as a member of the 14th Field Regiment who was with the Queen’s Own Rifles in Bernières-sur-Mer. On June 6, his captain died in his arms.
During 34 years, he rose from officer cadet to Lieutenant-Colonel of various regiments. He was honorary Lieutenant-Colonel and honorary colonel of the 20th Field Regiment and 5th (BC) Field Regiment for 28 years. He was also honorary Aide de camp to the Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta for 17 years.
After the war, George Lynch-Staunton graduated in Commerce and Law at the University of Alberta. He practiced law for 20 years in Edmonton, was Assistant Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of Alberta for 15 years and member of the Human Rights Tribunal panel for 2 years. George died on December 15th 2014.

In 2009, as he was portrayed in the Juno Beach Centre exhibition “Veteran’s voices” , George Lynch-Staunton declared:

“I have always felt a duty and privilege to be involved in areas where I can make a contribution in the life of such a country as Canada and where I live.”