Canada in the Second World War


Frédérick Bourgeois

Frederick Bourgeois is Acadian.  He was born in 1922, in Shédiac New-Brunswick.  He volunteered to join the North Shore New Brunswick Regiment in 1941. He was eventually transferred to the Fusiliers Mont-Royal Regiment, and arrived in Normandy with the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division. He fought from Caen to Falaise.  He was also part of the symbolic return of the 2nd Division in Dieppe in September 1944. He then continued to fight into the Netherlands to Germany. He came back to Normandy for the first time in 2015 to visit the grave of a comrade buried at the Canadian cemetery at Bény-Reviers. He was awarded the Légion d’Honneur during the Juno Beach Centre ceremony on June 6, 2015.


“We walked from Normandy to Germany. We were on foot. We walked 10 miles per day.”