Canada in the Second World War


Pierre Dubuc


Pierre DUBUC (Pierre Hector)
Born October 6, 1924 in Val-des-Bois, Quebec (deceased on September 19, 2017)
Son of Paul Dubuc and Cordélia David
Married to Annette Grenier on July 23, 1951
Father of Ginette, Pierrette and Lorraine

Known Norman origins
Paternal: Jean Dubuc, son of Pierre Dubuc and Marie Hotot, was baptized in January 1638 in Sainte-Trinité, Bois-Guillaume, Rouen Diocese, Normandy. He married Françoise l’Archevêque, a “Daughter of the King”, in Québec City, January 14, 1668. Françoise l’Archevêque, born in 1641, was the daughter of Adrien and Françoise Reins from Saint-Martin, Veules-les-Roses, Rouen Diocese, Normandy.
In 1944 Pierre Dubuc, a ninth generation descendant of Pierre Dubuc, retraced the route in the opposite direction taken by his ancestors in order to participate in the liberation of the country of his forbearers.

Pierre Dubuc attended school until the fifth grade. His father was poor and living in an isolated area, so he could not afford to complete Pierre’s education. Pierre obtained his grade 10 educational diploma in 1970.

Military Service
Service number : C-100272
On May 9, 1942 at the age of 17, Pierre Dubuc enrolled in the Royal Canadian Artillery. He arrived in England in December 1942 to join the 4th Medium Regiment, the only French Canadian artillery regiment at the time. He landed at Courseulles-sur-Mer on July 6, 1944 and was wounded on August 8, 1944 at Vaucelles. After recovering in hospital in England, he rejoined his Regiment in Holland in November 1944. His Regiment supported the Polish Armoured Division until May 8, 1945. He returned to Canada in November 1945.

Medals and Decorations
1939-45 Star
France and Germany Star
Canadian Volunteer Service Medal
War Medal (1939-45)
Canadian Forces Decoration

After the War
Pierre Dubuc remained in the Canadian Armed Forces after the War, and retired in 1970. He began as a Private and retired as a Corporal after 27 years and 10 months of service.
From 1972 to 1987 he worked as a storekeeper in the Quebec Ministry of Recreation, Hunting, and Fishing at the Papineau-Labelle Park in Val-des-Bois, Quebec.
In 1987, at the age of 63, he retired for the second time.

In 2007, as he was portrayed in the exhibition “There and Back” at the Juno Beach Centre, Pierre Dubuc declared:

It is an honour for me to have participated in the liberation of your country which is also the country of my ancestors. It warms my heart to see so much recognition given to the veterans who took part in the liberation of our motherland.”