Canada in the Second World War

Arms & Weapons

At Sea

Anti-Submarine Detection

Between 1939 and 1943, German U-boats have a clear advantage over Allied escort ships. They can close in on convoys without being detected, fire torpedoes and escape without too much difficulty. To counter their devastating attacks, Allied scientists will develop...

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There are two main reasons for grouping ships in a convoy: first of all, over such a wide area as the Atlantic Ocean, a single group of some forty, tightly packed ships is harder to locate than several, scattered crafts....

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Men and Women of the Royal Canadian Navy

In 1939 the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) does not have the strength that the upcoming war demands. Having recalled the Reserve, the RCN then launches a cautious recruiting campaign, to avoid attracting too many inexperienced men. But as the war...

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The Merchant Navy of Canada

Historians have often highlighted the essential and dangerous role played by the officers and sailors of Canada’s Merchant Navy during the Battle of the Atlantic. These men sailed across the ocean on defenceless, sometimes slow ships, stalked by enemy submarines....

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The Ships

When the war breaks out, Allied navies are facing a formidable foe. Since 1934, Adolph Hitler has been directing considerable energy and countless resources towards rebuilding the German war navy. The Allies must now urgently increase their fleets, as well...

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