Canada Day 2016 at the Juno Beach Centre

| July 1, 2016

Thank you to all the visitors of the Juno Beach Centre who participated in the activities organised today for Canada Day. Adults and children were able to test their knowledge of Canada through a quiz on the cities and provinces, they did crossword and coloring and also tried a typical Canadian treat: maple fudge.

A word comes to the lips of all the Canadian staff who organised the celebration at the Juno Beach Centre : PRIDE!

Here are some personal messages:

Colin: “Canada Day is all about celebrating the achievements that made our country great. The landing of 14 000 brave Canadians on this very beach on D-Day  definitly has its place among those achievements. I am very proud to be a Canadian on Juno today”.

Scott: “Working at the JBC means talking to Canadians from across the country every single day. It is a place where all Canadians share a common past and being here on Canada Day amplifies that connection 100 times over”.

Luke: “Canada Day is always one of my favourites days of the year and to spend it away from home makes it more special to share what it means to be Canadian with the rest of the world. I am so very proud to be Canadian, especially when telling visitors about the Canadian experience on D-Day. Happy Canada Day!”

Matt: “As a Canadian, Canada does always remind me the proud past I share with over 35 millions people back home. To be able to share this history with people from all around the world is what truly makes working at the JBC unique and so rewarding”.

Alex : “It’s quite special to be able to spend Canada Day on a site so filled with Canadian history. Spending this day with so many visitors from across Canada also made us all feel very at home”.

Brett:”I’m proud to be part of such a joyous celebration of Canadian identity here on a site so important to Canadian across the country”.

Katelyn: “For me, working at Juno Beach on Canada Day makes the day less about parties and fireworks and more about our proud military history. This is a day to remember and commemorate Canada’s role at Juno on D-Day but it is also a day to remember the men of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment who went “over the top” 100 years ago today in the first hours of the Battle of the Somme. I’m very proud to be Canadian. Happy Canada Day !”

Rebecca: “Having lived in Normandy now for nearly 10 years, it is on days like D-Day and Canada Day that I am most honoured to be a part of the Juno Beach Centre’s mission: to share Canadian history and culture on behalf of our museum’s founders. Meeting veterans of the Second World War and current serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces on such days is a highlight of my work here. Happy Canada to all Canada’s living abroad and a special thanks to the JBC team for making this day special for our visitors”.

From Juno Beach: Happy Canada Day to all !

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