Big News from the City of Toronto

| June 12, 2014

We are happy to announce that Toronto’s City Council successfully passed a motion to sponsor 22 local servicemen who lost their lives on D-Day, as a part of our Canada’s D-Day Tribute campaign.

The motion was put forward by Councillor Paul Ainslie, who visited the Juno Beach Centre in March with his son’s school and retained a personal appreciation of the magnitude of Canada’s sacrifice:

“The D-Day Tribute Campaign is a wonderful project dedicated to honour all of our fallen soldiers from coast-to-coast. I am honoured to have brought a motion forward to give Toronto residents an opportunity to contribute, and say “Thank you”, which acknowledges the brave soldiers who perished on June 6, 1944 and the days following.” proudly stated Councillor Paul Ainslie.
“All Canadians should visit Juno Beach to have a real appreciation to what occurred so many years ago and how the bravery of our men came to win the war,” added Councillor Ainslie.

The Juno Beach Centre is thrilled to have the City of Toronto’s support for Canada’s D-Day Tribute Campaign.

The city has sponsored the following servicemen. Click on their names for more information about their lives and service:

 Lance Sgt. Clarence Verdun Courtney
Cpl. Percy Edward Newton
Rifleman Sidney Stephen Ryan
Rifleman Edgar Dawson Butler
Rifleman George Thomas Clark
Lance Cpl. George Edward Dalzell
Cpl. Samuel Davidson
Cpl. Clifford Robert Drew
Rifleman Kirk Edward Garret
Lance Cpl. Donald Ferguson Gourlay
Rifleman Charles Edward Higgins
Rifleman John William Hodge
Lance Cpl. Clifford Irwin Jackson
Rifleman Charles George Newman
Rifleman Gordon Newton
Rifleman Douglas Philip Reed
Lance Cpl. Gordon Reed
Rifleman Albert E. Sturrock
Rifleman Thomas Henry Davie
Trooper Alvin Reeves
Pte. James George Broadfoot
Rifleman Donald McKay Barnard


Join the hundreds of Canadians who have already taken part in the campaign! Sponsor a soldier today.

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