Behind the Names: La voix de la mer

| November 9, 2014

To mark the days leading up to Remembrance Day, we’ve collected stories of people all across Canada sharing what inspired them to sponsor a Commemorative Brick at the Juno Beach Centre. Through their sponsorship, the Juno Beach Centre has continued to thrive since we first opened in 2003. The Centre has been fortunate to play host to many of our donors and people who have been touched by the impact of war in Europe and at home in Canada.

Please click here for more information on how to sponsor a Commemorative Brick for someone in your family or community.

Our first story comes from Yvette d’Entremont who travelled to the Juno Beach Centre this summer with the cast of “La voix de la mer” to perform at the Centre during “La semaine acadienne.

“Our trip to Normandy last summer was indeed a memorable one, for me and my entire cast of “La voix de la mer“.  It was thrilling for us to present not only our musical during “La semaine acadienne“, but our many performances throughout the week.  We had been told that the people of Saint-Aubin-sur-mer and surrounding areas were friendly, outgoing, warm and generous. Nothing, however could have prepared us for the incredibly moving tributes we witnessed during the D-Day celebrations. We felt so honored to be able to perform at the Juno Beach Center. The adults in my cast, including me, were all moved to tears and so overwhelmed to be in the presence of such history, of precious lives loved and lost. My students were so impressed, touched, humbled, and intrigued by all that we saw (Center and beach), and deeply honored to hear first-hand accounts of the French citizens who sought them out to tell them their narratives of that unforgettable day. We knew we could not go without leaving our mark there, to show that we had somehow been forever changed by this place, just as many before us had been changed 70 years ago. We decided to buy a commemorative brick, as a group, and now have an eternal symbol of our presence there: something to share with our future grandchildren and generations to come. We are so proud to have visited Juno Beach. This experience will forever remain in our hearts.”

– Yvette d’Entremont and the cast of “La voix de la mer

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