Farewell Hugh Buckley

| January 8, 2020

A great friend of the Juno Beach Centre has just left us… It was with sadness that we learned of the passing of Canadian veteran Hugh Buckley.
The Juno Beach Centre sends its sincere condolences to his children, family and friends.
Farewell Hugh, we will miss you!

In 1943, Hugh Buckley enlisted in the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, which was training in England for the future assault of Europe against Nazi Germany. He landed on D-Day with the Sherbrooke Fusiliers and crewed a Stuart light tank as part of a reconnaissance troop. More information https://bit.ly/2tFOhiQ

In 2019, Hugh was interviewed for the Juno Beach Centre’s Legacy of Honour campaign https://bit.ly/2sXboFj. Normandie Tourism also interviewed him in 2017 https://bit.ly/2tzuFwC

Hugh was with us for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, along with his fellow Veterans from Canada.

On June 6, 2017, on the occasion of the 73rd Anniversary ceremony at the Juno Beach Centre, Hugh gave this speech:
“I remember. I landed on the beach at Bernières-sur-Mer, on the morning of D-Day. I was a gunner in a tank of the Sherbrooke Fusiliers. We had been given a photograph of a prominent house and ordered to leave the beach with the house to the right of us. That very house is now the Maison des Canadiens.
As part of the 70th Anniversary commemorations, it came as a great surprise and honour to receive, from the French people, the Legion d’honneur. France and Canada have many cultural, political and religious ties and long may it continue. When the Bugle sounds later today, let us pray that this peace and friendship we enjoy last forever.
Thank you for this opportunity to share my memories and those of my comrades with you and may God bless us all.”

Prime Minister Trudeau attends the Canadian D-Day 75th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony on Juno Beach. June 6, 2019. /// Le premier ministre Trudeau participe à la cérémonie commémorative canadienne à Juno Beach. 6 juin. 2019.

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