An update on our Brick Program

| June 29, 2015

When Lieutenant Garth Webb returned to the D-Day Landing beaches 25 years after taking part in the Normandy Campaign, he noticed that only a few plaques stood as tribute to the Canadians. Upon returning to Canada, Garth was instrumental in seeing the Juno Beach Centre built to honour the fallen and educate future generations about the sacrifices made during the Second World War.

The Juno Beach Centre offers visitors a means to pay homage to their loved ones with the sponsorship of a Commemorative Brick, installed on permanent kiosks at the Centre in France. As a charitable organization, the Commemorative Brick program has served as the cornerstone of fundraising initiatives for the Juno Beach Centre. Since 1998, 11,000 titanium bricks have been installed. Today there are less than 700 brick spots remaining.

These bricks serve as Canadian landmarks for families visiting the Juno Beach Centre. It allows one generation to educate the next about the sacrifices their loved ones made during the war. Upon visiting the Centre, families pose for photos with their bricks sharing memories and preserving their family history for future generations to pay tribute. As visitors trace their fingertips over the engraved names, the waves of Juno Beach can be heard in the distance – connecting the past to the present in the most tangible way.

Become part of the tribute! Visit to secure your landmark to share with your loved ones on the shores of Juno Beach.

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