Aline pays tribute to Canadian soldiers

| February 3, 2021

Between February 1 and 19, 2021, the Juno Beach Centre in Courseulles-sur-Mer offers an internship to Aline Stodel, a second year student in Tourism in Deauville.

Due to the pandemic, the museum will not be able to reopen its doors on February 6, and Aline will not be able to welcome Canadian visitors, amongst other tasks, as planned.

Aline lives in Reviers in Normandie, close to the Canadian military cemetery. As Canadians cannot come to France and flower graves of the Canadians soldier resting at the Bény-sur-Mer/Reviers cemetery, the young student had the idea of placing flowers on the graves on their behalf.

For a start, Aline laid a wreath to pay homage to all the Canadian soldiers who rest in peace at the Bény-sur-Mer/Reviers cemetery. In order to support her initiative and contribute to the costs of the wreath, it is possible to make a donation on the Juno Beach Centre web site.

Thanks to social media, Aline now proposes to Canadians to lay flowers on the grave of a Canadian soldier and to send her information/photos for her to share with the Juno Beach Centre networks.

If you are interested in Aline’s offer, please contact her here: As Aline only has 3 weeks for action, she will limit her offer to the first 12 people who will contact her from Canada and will make a donation on the Juno Beach Centre website:



On February 4, 2021, I laid a wreath of flowers to pay tribute and honor the fallen Canadian soldiers who liberated Normandy and Europe and rest at peace in the Reviers/Bény cemetery.

With the current situation, Canadians cannot come to France on the graves of their loved ones, the Canadian soldiers who are burried here. Therefore, I have taken this intitiative on their behalf, out of respect and gratitude.


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