Strategic Plan 2021-2025


Our Strategic Plan 2021-2025 serves as the foundation for our next five years of growth and development. It sets out the major actions we will take to fulfill our mandate and continue building on our past successes to maintain our status as Canada’s primary site of Second World War remembrance in Europe.

The Juno Beach Centre is committed to pursuing excellence as we take our next, resolute steps to present the true cost of freedom and ensure future generations understand the sacrifices made by Canadians to defend that freedom. The actions of those Canadians propelled us onto the world stage, setting the framework for the institutions and rights we enjoy today, and solidifying our reputation as a respected ally to the most influential global nations.

It has been said that the Canadian victory at Vimy Ridge was the symbolic birth of a nation. Nearly 30 years later, Canada earned its place in the world on the shores of Juno Beach.

There is no better place to honour the courage of the Canadians who served in the Second World War than the Juno Beach Centre, for in the words of Prime Minister Paul Martin on the 60th anniversary of D-Day:

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