A Special Tribute from Garth Webb SS

| June 6, 2016

This year, Garth Webb Secondary School, in partnership with the Juno Beach Centre Association in Canada, held a special commemorative initiative to honour the 2,048 Canadians buried in the Bény-sur-Me/Reviers Canadian War Cemetery.


The school, named for the JBC’s founder and D-Day veteran, Lt. Garth Webb,  is engaged in year round remembrance activities to honour him and all those who have served for Canada.

2,048 Canadian flags were sponsored by students, teachers, and community members during a week-long campaign. The flags were then sent to France and presented to the mayors of both Bény-sur-Mer and Reviers, Messieurs Delalande and Gueyren, during the Canadian commemorative D-Day ceremony at the Juno Beach Centre.

GWSS Flag Presentation

During the evening ceremony at cemetery, M. Delanlande invited the citizens of both villages and the public in attendance to assist in completing this special tribute by placing the flags at each of the gravestones in the cemetery.


The following message was read from Garth Webb Secondary School:

Named after D-Day veteran and the founder of the Juno Beach Centre, the students at Garth Webb Secondary School in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, strive to perpetuate and honour Garth Webb’s wishes that young people would continue to honour the sacrifices of our Second World War soldiers.

Every student who graduates from our school will have researched and commemorated the lives of a Second World War soldier in their Canadian History “Lest We Forget” Project. The majority of those soldiers rest there, surrounding you now, in the Bény-sur-Mer/Reviers Cemetery.

This year the students and teachers mounted a D-Day Flag Campaign so that our community could reach out to your community, many miles away, across the ocean, and join together with you in the act of Remembrance. Thank you for permitting us this opportunity to pay tribute to our fellow country men who lay buried in the sacred ground there. We will remember them.

Thank you to Garth Webb SS for this initiative and for supporting the Juno Beach Centre through your on-going commemorative efforts.

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