A Special Donation

| August 19, 2014

Behind the scratched surface of the protective glass, a Canadian soldier is pictured in uniform back home in Canada, flanked by his 2 sisters. This tiny photograph is mounted on a leather bracelet; it’s a snapshot of a family moment back Canada.

In August 1944, the village of Neuville du Bosc was liberated by Canadian soldiers, and a soldier handed his bracelet to a young girl by the name of Jeannine Dufils. She kept the bracelet her whole life and decided to donate it to the Juno Beach Centre this year.  While Jeanine was not present for the donation last week at the Centre, her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were there to tell her story. During the closing days of the Battle of Normandy in August 1944, Jeanine’s words of gratitude upon seeing the columns of Canadians in her town are poignant: “We raised our hands in sign of affection and thank yous, we were the happiest.”

The Canadian soldier in the photo is not identified but her memory is vivid.

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