Canada’s Juno75 Commemorative Campaign: 5,500 Canadian Stories

Support the Juno Beach Centre on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of D-Day by participating in Canada’s Juno75 Commemorative Campaign and sponsoring a commemorative dog tag. The dog tags pay tribute to the over 5,500 Canadians killed in action during the Battle of Normandy, and offer you the opportunity to honour a family member, or include your own name or organization.

The minimum donation for each pair of Dog Tags, including shipping anywhere in Canada, is $100. Make a donation via our online form by selecting the the fund titled “Juno 75 Commemorative” and indicating the donation amount. A representative from the Juno Beach Centre Association will be in contact with you to collect the inscription information. To make a donation by mail, please complete the Order Form and return it to the address listed.

5,500 Names, 5,500 Canadian Stories

On 6 June 1944, 14,000 Canadians landed on Juno Beach as part of the Allied invasion of Normandy, known to history as D-Day. By the end of August, more than 90,000 Canadians participated in the fighting from Juno to the closing the Falaise Pocket, the beginning of the end for Hitler’s Germany. Nearly 5,500 Canadians were killed in Normandy and remain there today.

In 2019, the Juno Beach Centre will mark the 75th anniversary of these events by drawing special attention to the Canadians who were killed during the days between D-Day and the end of the Battle of Normandy.  Canadians have the chance to engage in an Act of Remembrance by supporting the Juno Beach Centre and paying tribute to those individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Through the dedication of nearly 5,500 dog tags – one for each Canadian killed during the Normandy Campaign – the Juno Beach Centre hopes to raise $500,000 to support future educational and commemorative initiatives. Each tag is inspired by the actual identity discs worn by Canadian servicemen during the Second World War.

How to get involved

Dog Tags can be purchased for $100 each. Each sponsor will receive a Canadian tax receipt for their donation, as well as recognition on the Juno Beach Centre’s website. Everyone who participates in the campaign will receive the name and story of a Canadian killed in Normandy. This includes a set of commemorative dog tags: one tag which features the name of a fallen Canadian, and a second disc which is customizable by you.

What’s included with your donation?

The Dog Tags:

The Green Tag: The front side of this tag will feature one of the Canadians killed in the summer of 1944 and today buried in Normandy. The tag will indicate their rank, name, date of death, age, regiment or unit, and hometown. The backside of this tag features the Juno75 logo.

The Red Tag: The front side is customizable to each individual donor. To pay tribute to a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, this tag can include, but is not limited to: military rank, first and last name, military unit/regiment, years of service, conflict served in, or a short personal message.  Alternatively, donors can include their own name or organisation name, organisation information or message, and hometown and province. The backside of this tag features the Juno Beach Centre’s logo.

These 5,500 Canadians were everyday people, with families, dreams and aspirations. They went to school on your street, sat in your church every Sunday, and worked at your businesses. Some were only boys as young as 16; they stormed the beach fresh out of high school and minor sports. Others left behind a wife and family. Each life, full of possibilities, was cut short by the terrible reality of war. Included with your donation is one of these stories.


Why are we doing it?

The JBCA’s mandate is to remember and commemorate the sacrifices made by all Canadians during the Second World War and to educate and inform future generations about the role Canada played in preserving the freedoms we enjoy today. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the role Canada played in the D-Day landings and to honour those who lost their lives. The funds raised through this initiative will support commemoration and educational programming at the Juno Beach Centre.

For more information about the Juno75 Commemorative Campaign, contact Scott Entwistle or by phone at 1-778-872-1466 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm PST)

Photo by Ken Bell. Department of National Defence / National Archives of Canada, PA-116528