2014 Teacher Tour, Day 7 — Point 67, Falaise, Bretteville, Graye-sur-Mer, Juno

| August 3, 2014

After an early start, the group first explored Point 67, where one of the costliest battles of Canada’s involvement in the Second World War was fought in a cluster of villages and farm fields in Normandy, a few kilometres south of Caen. This was the battle for the Verrières Ridge, a key part of Operation Spring launched on 25 July 1944.

C.P. Stacey, the official historian of the Canadian army, wrote of the site:

If the traveller be Canadian, he would do well to stay the wheels at this point and cast his mind back to the events of 1944; for this apparently insignificant eminence is the Verrières Ridge. Well may the wheat and sugar-beet grow green and lush upon its gentle slopes, for in that now half-forgotten summer the best blood of Canada was freely poured upon them.(1)


1 Verrières Ridge: A Place of Memory (BOOTH)


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