Sustainable development is also a commitment to social inclusion

Sustainable development is also a commitment to social inclusion.
At the Juno Beach Centre, it is common practice to take on one to two interns each year. This year, thanks to the financial support of the French government for the integration of young graduates into professional life, the JBC will be able to offer opportunities to two young Normans.

As part of the “one young person, one solution” plan, the French government is providing financial assistance for the hiring of a young person under the age of 26. This is why the Juno Beach Centre was able to offer a position to Hélène, who graduated with a master’s degree in Heritage Site Management. Hélène was an intern at the museum as part of her master’s degree in 2019, then did a civic service at the museum in 2020. This year, she occupies the position of reception and conservation officer.

Thanks to the “Support for young graduates” system of the Région Normandie, the JBC also welcomes Maëva for 6 months. With a master’s degree in environment, she will collaborate on the sustainable development project of the Juno Beach Centre. This mission will provide Maëva with additional training to facilitate her future integration into professional life.

Thank you in advance to Hélène and Maëva for their precious collaboration!

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