The 2017 Guide Team


West Vancouver, British Columbia

James“I am now the same age as many of the soldiers who landed here, but because of their sacrifice, I am happily working on this beach rather than fighting for it. Many of the opportunities I have been afforded have been due to the work of veterans, from my local legion which awarded me my university scholarship to those who founded this very centre. I hope our visitors will appreciate their sacrifice upon leaving here as much as I do.”




Montréal, Québec
“Before arriving in Normandy, I did not understand the weight of the sacrifices that took place here. But it is difficult to stand on Juno Beach and to take for granted its legacy. My aim in giving tours here is to convey the meaning of this unique site with the sincerity, spirit, and humour that are representative of Canada. I love getting asked questions almost as much as I like to ask them!”



Pefferlaw, Ontario

 “One thing that initially surprised me about Juno Beach is the significance it holds, not just for Canadians, but also for the French. It is so special to be able to talk with people from all over Canada and the world about their memories of the Second World War and how those memories are kept alive on sites like these. As a young Canadian it is a tremendous honour to be able to come to Juno and learn about those who fought on these beaches. It is my sincere hope that as a guide here I can do their stories justice.”



Montréal, Québec
 “As a young Canadian and the descendent of a family with roots across Europe, I feel that it is my duty to better understand what generations before me have endured. I am very proud to be part of the Juno Beach Centre’s team, a museum and a site which brings Canadians and Europeans together. I strive to present a nuanced and compelling record of Canada and Europe’s Second World War experience.”



Oakville, Ontario

“Having studied the landings at Juno Beach from both Canadian and European perspectives, I jumped at the opportunity to explore this chapter in our history in greater detail. After seeing Normandy for the first time, I quickly realized that history books alone cannot do this story justice. As the last remaining Canadian veterans of the Normandy campaign are fading into memory, it is imperative that their stories do not disappear with them. I am honoured to play a role in this effort.”





Ottawa, Ontario

David“All my life I have studied history in books and classrooms. It is therefore difficult to describe the feeling of standing on a site as important to Canadians as Juno Beach.  The remnants of the Second World War that dot the coastline here are a fascinating juxtaposition to the calm beaches of Normandy that we see today. It is an especially unique experience to be able to represent Canada today at the Juno Beach Centre.”






Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Emilie“As I grow older, I am able to appreciate more and more the sacrifices that Canadian soldiers made, as well as the ways in which we remember them. I feel very privileged for the opportunity to understand history as they lived it and to contribute to the commemoration effort. Every day here is a wonderful learning experience and a chance to make Canada’s history come to life.”