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Canada in WWII

Remember June 6, 1944… Remember one million of Canadians in uniform, making a decisive contribution to the Allied Victory…

Preserving the gifts of valour and freedom for future generations, the Juno Beach Centre presents an online museum of the Canadian war effort.


In September 1939, Canada declared the state of war. Standing up for its allies and summoning all its human, industrial and financial resources in an ongoing war effort, Canada mobilized the mightiest military force in its history. At sea, on land and in the air, Canada was involved in the great campaigns that led to the fall of the German Reich and brought back peace. Events recalls the highlights of WWII as experienced by Canadians. Learn More
Friends or foes, military or civilians, they all had some influence on the course of events. Some led nations, others men in combat. All of them were important through their words, their deeds or their courage. Learn More
Arms & Weapons

Over a million men and women joined the Canadian Armed Forces during World War II. To reach the front, fight with success and come back home, Canadian troops relied on a tight organization and on a wide range of services that provided food, shelter, medical care, intelligence, communications and more. They also relied on ships, aircrafts, tanks and weapons needed to face the enemy. Arms and Weapons describes the organization of Canadian ground, naval and air forces, as well as medical services between 1939 and 1945. Learn More

Interactive Centre
In these interactive animations, follow the major events and look at some of the technologies used during WWII. Learn More