Juno Beach Centre | Canada in WWII
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Juno Beach Interactive Centre
In these interactive animations, follow the major events and look at some of the technologies used during WWII. The Flash 6 Player is required.

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    Complete Interactive Centre - 838kb

      View the details around the battle at sea in the "Atlantic Theatre" and the occupation of Europe by German forces in the "European Theatre". As well, access all the other movies below from this convenient timeline oriented interface.

    Trajectories of WWII Artillery - 85kb

      View the typical trajectories of mortars and guns used by the Royal Canadian Artillery during WWII.

    Discarding Sabot Projectile - 23kb

      View how a discarding sabot was used to fire high-density artillery projectiles.

    How Minesweeping Works - 30kb

      View how the Royal Canadian Navy ships found mines and disposed of them.

    A Typical Convoy - 15kb

      View how escort destroyers and corvettes protected convoys of merchant ships during the Battle of the Atlantic.

    An Infantry Battalion - 182kb

      View how the infantry, artillery and armoured vehicles of a battalion are organized for an attack.