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Both a memorial and an educational museum, the Juno Beach Centre tells Canada’s story from 1939 to 1945 and provides visitors a glimpse into contemporary Canadian culture and traditions. Take a look at our on-site educational activities for our temporary exhibitions – led by young Canadian guides – for school groups from all over the world. Find information on planning a school visit, and our famous educational quizzes, or how to commemorate a veteran in your classroom by purchasing a commemorative brick. This section also features information about our annual professional development program for Canadian educators. We invite educators to discover the Juno Beach Centre and use the educational resources found below to support and complement their classroom history programs. Finally, don’t forget that our “Canada in the Second World War” virtual exhibit provides historical information.

Teachers: Educational activities for school groups in the temporary exhibits

Puzzling Stories (7-11 years old)
Puzzling Stories Mobile App (11+ years old)
Information Brochure for Teachers

Visit for School Groups

educator_schoolGroupThanks to the interactive and dynamic exhibit spaces designed for all ages, the Juno Beach Centre is an ideal location to help teach your students about the D-Day landings and the Battle of Normandy by taking a close look at the role played by the Canadians.

Guided by two fictional characters, Peter and Madeleine, primary school students can discover the history of Canada from the 1930s, the Battle of Normandy and on to contemporary Canada.

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JUNO QUIZ: The new tool for visiting school groups from 7-11 years old

quizz_juno_A5-version_A-GB.inddThe Juno Beach Centre is pleased to present its new quizzes! With this new tool to orient them through the youth circuit of the permanent exhibits, young visitors aged 7 to 11 years will discover a museum adapted to their level with historical content to which they can relate. They will also benefit from a better navigation through the major themes, including discovery-drawers designed especially for them. The quiz takes into consideration the advice of teachers and has been tested on students. It is also based on school curriculum and adapted to the exhibitions, thus allowing children to get the best out of their visit to the Juno Beach Centre.

To prepare your visit, here are 2 options:

1. Download and print the pages of the Juno Quiz for your students.

JUNO QUIZ – Elementary Level (version A)
JUNO QUIZ – Elementary Level (version B)

Caution: The 2 versions of the Quiz contain the same questions but in different order. This will spread your group throughout the museum during their visit.

2. The Juno Quiz (free booklet version) is included in VISIT 1.

JUNO QUIZ: The new tool for visiting school groups from 11 years +

popquizz-ado.inddThe new Juno Quiz has been created so that students may put into practice various secondary-level skills and objectives during their visit. Focusing on key moments of the Second World War, the quiz enables students to take account of the significance and magnitude of the events. It orients them to information in the exhibit that is especially directed to students and themes that are accessible to them. The quiz also touches on contemporary Canada to awaken the curiosity of students who are not familiar with the country and to engage Canadian students in reflection on how the Second World War has impacted the Canada they know today. The quiz is also available in French, an ideal way to make the visit a French Immersion experience.

JUNO QUIZ – Secondary Level (version A)
JUNO QUIZ – Secondary Level (version B)

Contact the Interpretive Manager if you would like more information on our educational program and/or a copy of the Juno Quiz – elementary or secondary level answer keys.


educator_fundraiserSince the Juno Beach Centre opened its doors in June 2003, the contribution of Canadians in the Second World War, and particularly of those who landed on Juno beach on June 6, 1944, is being recognized in Normandy.

Our ‘Commemorative Brick Program’ was developed to honour the sacrifices made by Canadian service men & women and to help fund the privately run, non-profit museum which commemorates their accomplishments.

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Professional Development Tour

educator_tourSince 2005, the Juno Beach Centre has given over 200 Canadian educators an exciting professional development opportunity to discover the Canadian First and Second World War historic sites in France. During this 10-day tour, participants visit Vimy Ridge, Beaumont-Hamel, Dieppe, the Juno Beach Centre, the D-Day landing beaches and various other sites in Normandy. Some highlights of the tour include meeting locals who lived through D-Day and the Battle of Normandy, enjoying the kind hospitality in Normandy, and sharing teaching ideas with colleagues from across Canada.

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Educator Resources

educator_teacherThe Juno Beach Centre offers this collection of online archives, websites, and Canadian history resources designed to help Educators incorporate primary research and learning in their classrooms. You will find useful links to other institutions and projects relating to the Second World War, tools for researching Canadian military records, and First Nations culture.

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Canada in the Second World War

educator_cwwiiPreserving the gifts of valour and freedom for future generations, the Juno Beach Centre presents an online museum of the Canadian war effort, complete with in-depth articles on the people and events that make up Canada’s contribution in the Second World War.

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Juno Beach Interactive Centre

In these interactive animations, follow the major events and look at some of the technologies used during the Second World War. Requires Adobe Flash.

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