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This section allows you to have a virtual look at the location of Commemorative Bricks on the Juno Beach Centre’s Memorial Kiosks in Normandy, France.

Search for your brick under the “Veteran”, “Donor” or “Group” headings.

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Can't Find Your Brick?

The Juno Beach Centre Association will do its best to post newly-purchased Commemorative Bricks on the web site within one month of receiving the order. The physical installation of Commemorative Bricks onto the JBC’s Memorial Kiosks in Normandy takes place twice a year, generally in the Spring (April or May) and in the Fall (October or November). All Commemorative Bricks purchased before December 31st are guaranteed to be installed before June 6th of the following year. Commemorative Bricks sold after that date can sometimes also be installed in the Spring, time and materials permitting.