Financial Supporter Program


One of the fastest and easiest ways to become a financial supporter of the Juno Beach Centre is to fill in a “Donation Form” on-line and to donate the amount of your choice.

Make a Donation

Donor Appreciation

The Juno Beach Centre Association wishes to thank the following organizations and/or individuals for their particularly generous financial support.

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Commemorative Brick Program


One way to become a donor is to purchase a commemorative brick, which can pay tribute to a veteran, or be in the name of the donor or group that purchased the brick.

Purchase a Commemorative Brick

Find Your Brick

This section allows you to have a virtual look at the location of Commemorative Bricks on the Juno Beach Centre's Memorial Kiosks in Normandy, France.

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Do you have questions about supporting the work of the Juno Beach Centre? Contact our team in Canada by phone 877-828-5866 or email