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From 1939 to 1945, the people of Canada made enormous sacrifices to keep our world free for generations to come. Since June 2003, their contributions are being recognized through the establishment of the Juno Beach Centre in Courseulles-sur-Mer in Normandy, France.

Donations have made the dream of the Juno Beach Centre a reality. Anyone who enjoys a better way of life today because of the sacrifices of Canadians during the Second World War can show their appreciation by contributing to the museum and dynamic place of learning that is the Juno Beach Centre. Please note that Canadian Tax Receipts can be issued in most cases.

"It makes us feel so humble that Canadians came from so far and yet were ready to give their lives for us. Our freedom and present day life is something we are indebted to them forever."

- a member of the Dutch Association for Air War Historians, June 8, 1995

There are a variety of ways to contribute to the Juno Beach Centre but the most popular ones are through one of our Donation Programs.

I. Financial Supporter Program
One of the fastest and easiest ways to become a financial supporter of the Juno Beach Centre is to fill in a “Donation Form” on-line and to donate the amount of your choice. Please click here to make a donation.
Become a Financial Supporter
Click here to donate the amount of your choice
Become a supporter by purchasing a brick
Choose your type of commemorative brick
Veteran $ 250
Donor $ 250
Group $ 2,500
Purchase a brick
of a privileged level
Diamond $ 250,000 +
Titanium $ 100,000 +
Platinum $ 25,000 +
Gold $ 5,000 +
Silver $ 1,000 +
Bronze $ 500 +

II. Commemorative Brick Program
Another fast and easy way to become a financial supporter of the Juno Beach Centre is to fill in a “Donation Form” on-line and purchase a Commemorative Brick. The brick can pay tribute to a veteran (Veteran Brick), be in the name of the donor (Donor Brick) or the group (Group Brick) that purchased the brick. These basic options can also be up-graded to one of our privileged levels. Each year Commemorative Bricks are added to the Memorial Kiosks located in front of the Juno Beach Centre in Normandy, France. Please click here to purchase a Commemorative Brick.

III. Artefact/Object Donation Program
Another great way to become a supporter of the Juno Beach Centre is by donating items that belonged to someone who took part in the Second World War. This includes uniforms, medals, pictures, flags, books, various personal items, etc. Since the Juno Beach Centre is owned and operated by the Juno Beach Centre Association (JBCA), a Canadian non-profit charitable corporation, artefact/object donations are one of the only ways the museum can afford to increase its permanent collections. To find out what items you can donate to the Juno Beach Centre, please the Program Manager.