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   Centre Juno Beach | Le Canada et la Deuxième Guerre mondiale 

04 août 2011
Juno Beach Centre Association's PD Tour (Canada)


— 04 août 2011

The highlights of the museum: The introduction film was an exciting and the landing craft shaped theatre assisted in giving patrons the feeling that they were part of the landings on June 6. The "Canada in the 30's" room is designed in such a way that both Canadians and non-Canadians can get a good sense of what led to Canada's involvement in the war, and about the nature of the country itself at that time. The map on the floor is great. In terms of animations, I think that the educational activity with Jeanne, the D-Day nurse or Mario, the D-Day soldier would captivate younger students. The highlights of Juno Park (guided visit): The bunker was a highlight, as well as the enthusiasm and evident knowledge displayed by our guide (Taylor). It is sometimes hard to give a tour to history teachers but he did a great job! The highlights of the temporary exhibit: The passport idea made it more organized and meaningful. To be improved in the museum: Perhaps I was not there long enough to figure it out, but a simpler/more obvious way to locate bricks on the kiosks out front would be good. In addition, I felt as though the Aboriginal contributions were not featured in a cohesive way inside the museum. To be improved in Juno Park (guided visit): For a self-guided visit, perhaps more permanent signs/plaques that tell key pieces of the story would be helpful.

Sandra Rogers (Aldershot High School) (professeur)