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   Centre Juno Beach | Le Canada et la Deuxième Guerre mondiale 

24 mai 2011
Woodbrook Vale High School (United Kingdom)


— 24 mai 2011

The highlights of the museum: Audio-visual exhibits, having explanatory signs at eye-level for children. The highlights of Juno Park (guided or visit): Going inside the bunker. The highlights of the temporary exhibit: Seeing actual soldier’s belongings. To be improved in the temporary exhibit: More time to look around and handle objects. Explaining technical terms for children (fortifications, etc.).

Cheryl Robinson (professeur)


— 24 mai 2011

I thought that this trip was excellent. It was very fascinating to go into the bunker during the beach tour. How our guide (Taylor) explained how they all worked and the way they worked was really clever. Showing all of the objects that the Canadians carried and what they wore was interesting too (History on Wheels presentation).

Leona (élève)


— 24 mai 2011

I thought it was brilliant because it was very interesting. The bunkers and the introduction film were the best because I got quite a lot of facts from them, which was good. It was interesting to when they showed us what the Canadians wore and carried (History on Wheels presentation).

Jacob (élève)