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   Centre Juno Beach | Le Canada et la Deuxième Guerre mondiale 

17 avril 2011
Beaconsfield High School (Québec, Canada)


— 17 avril 2011

The highlights of the museum: Original artefacts & lots of information. The highlights of Juno Park (guided or self-guided visit): All good! The highlights of the temporary exhibit: Good again. To be improved in the museum: Introduction movie should be more about the D-Day landing & have less talking.

Stephen Marcotte (professeur)


— 17 avril 2011

I really enjoyed the visit to Juno Beach. I enjoyed seeing the history of my country and the history of the war! I also enjoyed following one person throughout the war (passport system in the temporary exhibit). The Juno Beach Centre will be an everlasting memory!

Joshua W. (élève)


— 17 avril 2011

I liked the whole visit. I find that the actual beach is very moving. The passports in the temporary exhibit were very eye-opening.

Kiera O. (élève)