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   Centre Juno Beach | Le Canada et la Deuxième Guerre mondiale 

16 mars 2011
North Middlesex District High School (Ontario, Canada)


— 16 mars 2011

It was very interesting to see the items in the temporary exhibit such as the POW tags, telegrams, medals, etc. It was an awesome experience to be able to come to Juno Beach, view and learn about the history of Juno. Our guide (André) was very animated in providing us with the info.

Shari Craig (professeur)


— 16 mars 2011

The guide (André) was very nice. He knew his stuff. I think to be able to come here and see where the men and women of Canada fought for us is very cool and inspiring. The museum and the outside look amazing.

Tayler H. & Kyle D. (élève)


— 16 mars 2011

Canadian music awards are called Juno’s. Here at Juno Beach Canadian men fought for theirs and others countries. We Canadians are proud of this beach. Pride and respect are shown to Canadians. The temporary exhibit about Canadians & British during the war showed the true life of a soldier.

Jordyn T. (élève)